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tommy boy
9 March 1987
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well, i play bass. im in a few bands, i play bass. apathy. another is an unnamed punk band. i like hardcore music, not the fake hardcore. i like punk, real punk not the fake stuff. although i do like some pop punk bands. i like bassically everything. if i can tap my foot to it, its good. if its obviously fake and insincere, i hate it. cough dashboard confessional cough. im pretty emotional, but im not emo, because emo is a word made up by trendy kids to divide music even further. its nothin but a trend of rich kids trying to say that they dont fit in with the rest of the world. but the rest of the world also tries to be emo, so they fit in right at home. it kinda makes me angry. i dont mind if you dress "emo", but if ur stuck up i get a little annoyed. blah. im sure you can find out what kind of a person i am in my live journal, so just read it and enjoy, cuz it should be made into a movie
1 f jef, 4 leaf clovers, 8 bit video games, acoustic basses, adema, afi, alucard, anti dashboard confessional, anti flag, anti sam, art, atc, atreyu, avondale, bagpipes, band practice, bass guitar, before i go, big white brownie, black sabbath, brand new, brave heart, british people, camping, cheese sandwiches, cky, clouds, club eko, coheed and cambria, cold, cool bananas, david bowie, depressing music, detroit, djs, down town royal oak, downtown detroit, drama, dropkick murphys, emo, fallout boy, fiddy cent(not really), final fantasy, finch, flogging molly, food, fuck emo!, funeral for a friend, german people, girls, godsmack, good food, good music, grand theft auto, greatful dead, h.i.m., hardcore, head banging, heavy metal, hockey, hot topic shirts, i love the 80s, ice cream, iggy pop, inner recipe, irish people, iron maiden, jackass, joe louis arena, kilts, kiss, kissing, led zeppelin, led zeppelin 4, leprechauns, less than jake, local bands, lord of the rings, loud music, morrowind, mountain dew, movies, mtv sucks, music, my chemical romance, my mohawk, new found glory, night time, nintendo, nofx, ozzy, papa roach, pearl jam, picks, pirates of the carribean, polish pride, pots o' gold, ps2, punk rock, punk vs emo, radio class, rain in the summertime, rancid, random crap, really good food, red hot chilli peppers, red wings, rpg's, scottish, senses fail, silverstein, space balls, spicy food, stand up and scream, story of the year, stuff, taking back sunday, the beatles, the blood brothers, the clash, the curse, the decembrists, the o.c., the offspring, the ramones, the stars up north, the travoltas, the used, the who, thrice, tickling, toes, video games, violent femmes, x-box, zelda